Posted on Jul 17, 2019

Appliance Repair Boca Raton Fl

Kenmore Dryer
It is useful to be able to troubleshoot and repair simple issues that can come up with a household appliance. There is no knowing when a problem can come up even with a branded product. Of course, each product and brand have unique systems and structures, so it is best to search for your specific appliance type and model before repairing it yourself. Regarding dryers, there are some common issues that might arise in an appliance of any brand or model.
Here are some common dryer problems and how to troubleshoot & repair them in a Kenmore dryer.

1. The Dryer Won’t Start
One of the causes of a dryer refusing to start is an overheated thermal fuse. The latter is a safety device designed to protect the dryer from overheating. If the fuse is overheated, the electrical path has broken, and the fuse has blown.
2. Dryer is Overheating
Somewhat linked to the previous issue, the dryer may overheat. The heating system usually warms the air before it enters the dryer drum.
3. Dryer Drum Not Turning
One of the causes for the drum not turning is a broken belt. The belt wraps all around the dryer drum, a tension pulley, and a drive motor pulley.
4. Dryer Not Heating
If your dryer does not heat and your clothes come out damp, there may be an issue with the thermal fuse or a blocked exhaust vent.
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